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My fellow Americans,

There comes a time in the course of human events when change must be affected. That time is now. Americans are suffering, and the status quo is no longer acceptable.

We need a candidate that is truly elected by the people, and for the people. We need a man that can step up and lead with a firm hand. The people are starved for a Commander in Chief, that leads from a place of love and not hate. In these dark times, we need a leader that truly embodies the American dream.

It is my immense honor and pleasure to formally announce Afroman as an independent candidate for President of the United States of America.

- Jason Savage // Campaign Manager

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Afroman's 8 Priorities


Decriminalizing Cannabis

The Federal Government classifies cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic, meaning the government designates cannabis as a drug that has zero medicinal value. Afroman will make it his top priority to unschedule and decriminalize cannabis.


Criminal Justice Reform

The number of individuals incarcerated for cannabis at any moment is over 40,000. The annual cost to house these inmates is nearly 1.5 billion dollars. Afroman will commute sentences for ALL non violent cannabis offenders.


Law Enforcement Reform

Mandatory body cameras for every law enforcement officer will be required under this administration. If sporting events have instant replay, so should traffic stops. Any officers caught abusing their authority will be terminated.


Halt of all Foreign Aid

 America is not the police officer of the world. Afroman intends to stop the billions of dollars in hard earned tax-payer dollars to fund these foreign entanglements. America should stop sending foreign aid to countries that despise us, while the American people suffer.



Afroman will single-handedly save the US tax-payers 61.9 billion dollars annually by ending the war on cannabis and stopping foreign aid. Afroman will take these savings and distribute them to families negatively affected by the atrocities of slavery.


Unity, Love & Peace

Afroman will strive in his appointments and actions to promote Unity, Peace & Love. We are all American brothers and sisters. We stand together united as one. This great country is a melting pot held together by the ideals of individual liberty. 


More Sports Celebrations

When elected, Afroman intends to promote celebratory displays in professional sports through tax incentives for favorable rules. We all want to see it! Who doesn't love a dance in the end zone or an NBA player hanging on the rim (for at least 10 seconds)?!


Legalization of Prostitution

Afroman is the ultimate proponent of individual liberty. As such, he believes that whatever two consenting adults agree to do is none of the government's business. Legalizing prostitution will ensure the safety and dignity of the sex worker.

Afroman's Campaign Team

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